Monday, September 20, 2010

Officially a Soccer Mom

Isabella played her first soccer game this past Saturday morning. She is playing on the Upward Soccer League, on the "Little Cowboys" team. I think she is really enjoying it.

The league is a Christian-based organization that encourages the kids to learn a Bible verse each week about strength, perseverance, respect, or some similar virtue to coincide with their practices and games. Her coaches, John and Monica, are really wonderful and encourage having fun and not giving up.

Isabella receiving this week's Bible verse from Coach John

It took her about 15 minutes to figure out what it was she was supposed to be doing on the field. Once she realized that all she really needed to do was to chase the ball toward one goal, she channeled her dad's athletic nature and competitiveness and kept up with the biggest boy on the team.

She even received a star at the end of the game for "Best Effort." I was so proud of her, especially since she is by far the smallest child on the team.

In fact, she was only one of two kids who stayed in the game all the way to the end, even after taking a fall.

She's #9 - watch her go!

Grammy and Papaw came to watch Isabella play. They cheered for Isabella and helped me keep an eye on Sophia.

Sophia really wanted to play so badly. She would run out onto the field during warm-up and time-out to play, too.

After the game was over, Isabella was a little disappointed that she didn't score a goal herself.

She even said to me, "Mommy, I'm sorry I didn't play much good." It was all I could do to not cry when I heard this; it reminded me so much of myself.

I would love suggestions on how to keep her from criticizing herself and look at the game as a way to have fun. Be competitive, yes, but take pride in doing her best, too. Anyway, we are looking forward to rest of the season and seeing how she's going to grow and gain confidence over the next few months.


Rachael said...

Isabella and Sophia look so cute playing soccer. My favorite picture is the last one with Isabella's foot on the ball!

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